Best Mascara 2018

Best Mascara 2018

Mascara can be a confusing and overwhelming shopping experience! Especially now that there’s over 1,000,000,000,000 different formulas, brands, wands, colors etc! No wonder it’s practically impossible to find a mascara that works! How are we supposed to know whether to buy water proof, dark black, brown, gray, a large wand, small wand, plastic wand, fluffy wand and on and on!!!

That’s why I wrote this article! I’ve tried soooooooooooooooo many different mascaras from low end to high end to down right cheap, cheap, cheap! And I wanted to share what I’ve found to hopefully make your mascara hunt a little easier!


Color: I personally always use the darkest black I can find, jet black, carbon black, very black, etc. But gray or brown is also nice on someone with very light hair for a more natural look. If you have extremely light lashes and you’re going for that no makeup makeup look try using a dark brown or gray and see how you like it.

Brush: There are just as many mascara wands as there are brands. You have the giant fluffy ones, the comb like ones, the tiny brushes, tapered and so many more!! In my experience the best mascara wands are tiny, yet fluffy! I found that with the tiny brush you’re able to get really close to the lash line, right up to the tip of each and every lash. Especially for someone with really tiny eyes, like myself, the tiny, often called micro brush, is the best. (Pictures above)

Tips: And lastly just a few tips, if you make a mess and get mascara where you don’t want it, don’t fret! Wait a few seconds and let it dry then with a clean Q-tip gently clean it off. If you try to do this before it’s dry you will end up with a smeared mess and we definitely don’t want that after all that work to apply your makeup.

My other tip, or rather a “by the way” is regarding waterproof mascara. While it’s perfect for those tear jerkers like a wedding, graduation or other special event, it’s not recommend for daily use because it’s quite harsh on your delicate little lashes and may damage them with prolong usage.


Now for my reviews

Waterproof: The best waterproof mascara 2018 award goes to the one and only Haute & Naughty Waterproof Lash Mascara from MAC Cosmetics. This mascara is to DIE FOR!!!! It has 2 wands which I’ve never seen in any other mascara ever. One wand is for coating the lash for a nice dramatic look, then I use the inner wand to de-clump and add a little more length and volume. I used this mascara on my wedding day and it looked like I had falsies on!!! I’m not kidding! This stuff is amazing! I applied it at around 10am and by midnight my makeup still looked absolutely perfect with no running, no raccoon eyes NOTHING! This is hands down the best waterproof mascara ever made!!!!! But as a sad note the non-waterproof counterpart isn’t very good, it gave me raccoon eyes and was a bit of a hot mess…:(



Everyday mascara: The best everyday mascara for 2018 award goes to Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara!This is my absolute go-to my absolute ride-or-die, my everything. This mascara is LIFE ITSELF!!! It has this tiny micro wand which is perfect for my itty bitty hooded eyes! With this mascara I’m able to get right close to the lash line which helps give my lashes (anyone’s lashes actually) a fuller look. This mascara gives me full and lengthened looking lashes and best of all it lasts all day! Plus I don’t get any running, raccoon eyes or those those little black flecks on my face throughout the day which I hate! As an added bonus it’s super affordable too! I’ve tried several high end mascaras that are twice the cost and Maybelline Lash Discovery kicks them out of the park! I have struggled with mascara for years because I have small hooded eyes so I’d always get raccoon eyes after a few hours. This one doesn’t do that so I absolutely love it. I also find it very easy to clean up if I get it all over the place, which I almost always do. Just let it dry then wipe away with a clean cotton swab and voila! The only time I noticed a little raccoon eyes was after a very long day, I was exhausted, oily and had fallen asleep for a brief moment. When I awoke and saw myself in the bathroom mirror I noticed a slight raccoon eye, but it was pretty subtle and not too noticeable. So if you think about it that’s pretty damn good if you ask me! Moral of the story is, don’t fall asleep in your makeup!! Anyway that being said, if you give this mascara¬† try I’m positive you won’t be disappointed! Let me know in the comments what you experience with this mascara has been, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


And the next runner up in everyday mascara is L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in carbon black! This mascara is LIFE!! It has this weird tiny comb wand that I thought I’d hate but surprisingly works wonders! This mascara gave me super long, thick lashes and lasted all day with no raccoon eyes or flaking. The only downside to this mascara is after using it for a while, not too long actually, it stopped working as well as when I first bought it. I really didn’t have it that long, maybe a month and it wasn’t giving me that long, separated lash look and was making my lashes clump up. I don’t know if it was just a bad batch but that’s the only reason it’s not my number one mascara. Maybe your experience will be different, if so please let me know in the comments below.