Special Effects & Character Makeup

Special FX & Character Makeup Services

Special FX makeup is something I have always had a great passion for. What exactly is special FX makeup you might ask. Well it would be anything from broken noses, bruises, burns, scratches, prosthetic application, blood, guts and gore. You’d be surprised what can be created with a little supplies and some imagination.


I have had the pleasure of creating numerous looks from track marks, broken noses, bruises, burns, chopped off fingers and more for film, photography and Halloween. So whether you’re looking to gross out your friends on Halloween or you need a makeup artist or assistant for film I have got you covered.


I always make sure to work very closely with my clients and go over the envisioned look thoroughly so as to create the desired special effects makeup look every time. And if it’s not quite what you were looking for I always continue to work at it until you’re fully satisfied with the finished product.

Then there’s Halloween makeup and character makeup for special events, cosplay parties and such. Anything can be created with makeup, the sky is literally the limit. If you’re looking to create a devil, angel, comic book character, troll, super hero or anything in between I will work with you to make your vision a reality.


Over the years I have had the pleasure of creating numerous characters including devils, trolls, druid forest goddess, Harley Quinn (pictured above), lioness, black pheonix, comic book characters and so much more. Every character is a creation of it’s own that I pour my heart into to create a unique look every time. Seeing the transformation of each creation is an absolute pleasure and when I get the opportunity to work in this field it’s something I treasure and take pride in to create the envisioned look to the best of my ability.


So if you’re looking for a makeup artist for Halloween, a cosplay event, film or other, I will bring my mobile services to your door and then the magic begins!