Is your eyeshadow creasing?

Learn a few simple tricks of the trade to help your eyeshadow last all day

Is your eyeshadow creasing?

Are you getting that ugly, greasy crease in your eyeshadow after a few hours? After all that work and wrist numbing and hand cramping blending, your eyeshadow is a hot mess! There are several things you can do that will help your shadow to last much longer and prevent creasing. I have had people comment on my makeup a million times and when I tell them I applied it 12 hours ago they can’t believe it. So I’m going to share my tips and tricks that can help you say goodbye to that ugly crease.

STEP ONE: Step one is to start with a clean surface! Just like any painting type job, you always wash the surface to ensure it’s free from any dirt and oil. So cleanse, apply toner and your daily moisturizer. Ideally you wouldn’t apply your moisturizer to your eye area but you would instead use an eye cream because the skin around your eyes is very thin and requires a much lighter moisturizer made specifically for the eye area.

Apply your makeup as usual, foundation, concealer, whatever you usually do. If you’re going for a really intense smokey eye it’s a good idea to apply your shadow first, clean up the fallout and then apply the rest of your makeup. (Just a helpful hint for ya)

STEP TWO: Apply an eye base, also called eyeshadow primer. Why? Because eyeshadow is powder and it needs something to stick too. There are hundreds of eyeshadow primers on the market and not all of them do the trick in my experience so you might need to try out a few and see what works for you. A lot of makeup artists use their concealer as a base but I’ve had issues with my eyeshadow creasing with that method. My favorite eyeshadow primer by far is MAC Paintpots. These little pots are amazing! They are a little expensive but one pot will last you forever so it’s well worth it! When I use a paintpot my eyeshadow stays bullet proof for the whole day. You can apply your eyeshadow directly on top, which will intensify the pigment, or you can apply a powder to set the primer first and then apply your eyeshadow. I usually apply a powder first as it helps with the blending process. But if I’m going or a really intense smokey eye I skip this step and just apply the shadow directly on top of the primer. I also like the Urban Decay Primer Potion which also works very well but it’s not as stay-proof as the MAC Pro Longwear Paintpots in my experience.

STEP THREE: Apply your eyeshadow however you desire. But keep in mind if you’re going to be using a cream eyeshadow of some kind always apply the cream shadow before you apply any powders, then apply a powder eyeshadow on top to set it in place. Cream eyeshadows will crease if they are not set with a powder, same goes for creamy eyeliners. If you apply a black eyeliner it’s best to take a small angle brush and go over it with black eyeshadow. This will seal the cream in and help prolong your look. Some cream shadows and liners claim to be budge proof so you can always test it out and see how long it lasts. If you find it’s still creasing on you try applying an eyeshadow (in a matching color of course) on top. As a note, the MAC paintpots can be worn by themselves and they wont crease, they’re amazing!

And that’s it! It will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it you will have creaseless, flawless eyeshadow all day.