Makeup Kit Must Haves

Makeup Kit Must Haves

As a freelance makeup artist, (mobile makeup artist) there are some very important must haves that I can’t live without in my kit. I have tried so many different products and experimented with different formulas but have always gone back to the same old tried, tested and true products which I have listed below. Now, I’m not going to go over every single product I have but I will go over my favorites that I find myself reaching for every time! There’s not many of them because I’m a picky, picky makeup artist and I’m hard to please but these are the best of the best I’ve found throughout the years. Products which get the job done while being affordable at the same time. I’m sure I could find a better foundation or lipstick for 10X’s the cost but it’s not practical for a freelancer so I don’t even bother with super high end stuff. I want my kit and my recommendations to be effective and affordable. I hope you find some useful information below that helps you as a new freelance makeup artist looking to build your kit or someone who’s been in the industry for years looking for something different to add to their kit. Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section!


First off is foundation! I have used several different foundations but the one I always¬†seem to grab for all my clients is Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation! I cannot live without this stuff! It applies very easily, looks flawless, photographs well, with no flashback and lasts all day long!! For my wedding I used it on the entire bridal party and by the end of the day everyone still looked completely flawless. It’s a high end foundation but still affordable which is a major plus especially if you’re a makeup artist trying to build your kit!




The one and only primer I’ve been using is from Arbonne. It’s called Makeup Primer. I know…super simple name but don’t let that fool you. This stuff is incredible! It completely blurs out the pores and fine lines, makes the skin feel super smooth and flawless and many of my clients with sensitive skin tell me that their skin usually breaks out after wearing makeup but not when I use this primer! Another thing I love about this primer and the Arbonne company in general is ALL of their products are 100% cruelty free, never tested on animals, no harmful chemicals are ever used, they’re completely vegan and non-toxic. If you look at the ingredient list for other products out there the same can’t be said for many so for me this is a major plus point. Can’t live without this stuff!! A definite ride-or-die product in my kit!



I used to only use a black pencil liner but in more recent years I’ve been using gel liner and I’m not going back! This stuff is super blendable, goes on like a dream and it’s totally budge proof and water proof, which is great for weddings! The best gel liner I’ve used is the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black! This stuff is awesome! You can use is for a winged eyeliner, a smudgy smoked out liner or as a base for eyeshadow when you’re going for something dark and smokey! I find that no matter how good a pencil liner is it always smudges or irritates some clients eyes but not this stuff! A must have for sure!



I haven’t used many different powders because I’ve been using MAC Mineralized Skinfinish powder and the MAC Studio Fix Powder and haven’t had the need to find something better. These 2 have been my ride-or-die powders for years! They work on every skin type, they both have a beautiful natural finish and last all day. If you’re oily around the T-Zone you will probably need to touch up at some point in the day just like ANY powder out there but I just find that there’s nothing better. The Mineralized Skinfinsh has a beautiful natural sheen that’s great for everyday use, weddings, photography and special events and the Studio Fix is great for film and television, but of course you can also use it for everything else as well. If you haven’t tried this powder and you’re looking for something that will do the job right every time get this stuff and you won’t be disappointed!



There are MILLIONS of lip products out there and believe me I’ve used a LOT but not nearly all. There are some I love, some I hate and some that are just okay. One formula that I absolutely love and tend to use on a majority of my clients, especially when going for something bold and long lasting, is the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick! This stuff has such a beautiful finish and can last through quite a bit of abuse! It’s very similar to a liquid lipstick but doesn’t dry out your lips or feel chalky. It has a more satin-like finish than most liquid lipsticks and a slight sheen which looks so beautiful in photos. It comes in many shades, nudes, reds and bold colors and I’ve tried them all and the formula stays true no matter what color you’re using!


That about wraps up my go-to kit products. I have tons of other products in my kit, some I like and use often and some I don’t like but these are the only products that when I run out I rush to the store to repurchase! They will forever be a part of my freelance kit no matter how many other products come out on the market! Let me know what you think of these products or if you have any suggestions of products I should try!










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